Free Singapore Math Curriculum Resources

school-307641_1280We love Singapore Math, but I have made a commitment to homeschool on a dime so that we can afford some of life’s luxuries on a shoestring budget. I’m always amazed at the generosity of others by what they are making accessible for free.. Here are some of the resources we are using and a couple thrown in to give you some choice.

Full Curriculum

These are not Singapore Math, but are so similar my children do not know the difference, we are using the first set of books for each of my kiddos in conjunction with one of the tutorial links I’ll be adding down the page a bit.

Center for Innovation in Mathematics has a fantastic curriculum to download. I only download the student book and use the other resources over the computer screen when necessary. It helps us save on paper and ink. The curriculum covers both primary and secondary grade levels, not including kindergarten. It is just the right amount of challenging. The reason we chose this one over the next link is because this program seems to give a little more variety in the daily lesson. The program keeps the kids engaged.

Comprehensive School Mathematics Program is another curriculum similar to Singapore. This program might be liked more by those that need something a little simpler, though it is very thorough and has many components that keep it engaging. It covers all grade levels including kindergarten.


The kids love these tutorials from The Singapore Maths Teacher. They have really come in handy. Parents can also learn the why behind the model drawings and different ways for solving math problems. It covers grades 3rd-6th.

The Online School of Mathematics covers grades 3rd-7th. You have to set up an account to use the site. After you enter each grade level’s area, you may choose what skill to work on. There is a premium subscription but most of it is FREE.

Khan Academy has an enormous inventory of Singapore Math tutorials from grades 4th-12th.

Conceptua Math is another site with lessons. It has a premium membership, but the learning libraries are both free to view.


If your child needs some extra material to work on a certain mastered skill, here are some sites with worksheets.

School Kid covers grades 1st-6th.

Math in English has it all. For grades 1st to 6th. It includes worksheets and workbooks, videos and games, all based on Singapore Math.

Virtual Manipuatives

Everything is online now! Even Manipulatives. Check out Math in Focus’s iTool. I just found this. My kiddos are going to love it.

They are using Thinking Blocks now. The game guides the child through each step of the process and rewards them after a few correct answers leading them to a new level.



16 thoughts on “Free Singapore Math Curriculum Resources”

  1. Hi there, I landed on this site today and was excited to find your first link on Innovation in Mathematics, but upon clicking the link, it took me to a redirected link and now is difficult to find the Singapore-like math curriculum. Could you help me, please?

  2. Thank you for the post! Do you have the passwords for mep maths documents? Some of them are password protected. I emailed them but I have a feeling that they might not answer.

  3. I will be homeschooling for the first time this August, to a 7yr old & 6yr old. Thank you for the information, it is extremely helpful.

  4. Reblogged this on Juno Curriculum and commented:
    Word problems…. the only problems that are actually fun 🙂 This a great blog resource for Homeschooler’s, full free math curriculum. Also for people who just love math.

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