ME AND THE GOAT I am a former reading and ESL teacher. Currently, I am a homeschooling mom of five and wife to my husband of 3 years. I left the teaching profession, not because I did not like teaching but because I felt a great obligation to my family that I could not fulfill while working.  From the beginning I felt a need to homeschool on the cheap, since the family would benefit from one less paycheck. I already a had a great amount of free resources that I had pulled from while a teacher and had confidence that I could build the curriculum for my own children from the ground up using free or cheap resources from the internet and other places.

Each of my children are very different. They have different skill sets, different interest, and different tolerances, so I learned right away that I would need to tailor each of my children’s curriculum individually. The internet was such a great tool for this. I use the library of course. What a great free resource, but the internet’s possibilities were endless. The internet became our source for impromptu research. It was in the throws of research that our love of the internet and its vast amount of brain tickling knowledge grew. We are all a bunch of fact junkies and spend a lot of time with our face in a computer. (Don’t worry we socialize too. I’ll get to that in one post or another.)

I am so thankful to be at home with my children and so thankful I have the liberty to homeschool. I have seen them blossom so much academically, socially, and most importantly in the confidence of being who they are.

For fun I spend my time  crocheting,  handlettering, and gardening and reading.  I am the non-fiction lover in the family, so most of my reading is done on the internet about faith, good health, or current events. Crochet, handlettering and doodling are my creative outlets. Gardening is my therapy.  I have taught myself most of these skills using  internet resources (shocker, I know) and the library, so I practice what I preach. I also have a couple of manuscripts for children’s books that I work on occasionally, but none of them have been published. It is mostly dedication that is lacking.

Soon after we first began homeschooling, I joined every Facebook group I could, read every homeschool blog I could, and attempted to wrap my brain around this new life. As I got more comfortable in my new role, I noticed how many others were wary, undecided, lacking confidence and needed advice or materials. I knew that part of the reason for my quick transition was my 16 years teaching. I had experience on many grade levels and all subjects. I was attracted to the questions that all of these mothers asked and I found myself hanging out on site or another just to answer the next question.  Yep, I was a question stalker. I suppose this new role took the place of the dependence that my teaching colleagues and I had on one another. The exchange was wonderful. I gained as much from the moms as I was hoping to give.

I hope to share more here, where I will be sharing with you my thoughts, ideas, successes, and failures on parenting, homeschooling, and life, but you will probably love the resources the most. Some of the posts will be works in progress as I will be adding resources as I find them. If you have a questions, either about homeschooling or materials for a certain subject, you can  join my group on Facebook where I and a number of parents share homeschooling resources,  and teaching tips throughout the day, so that you can relax more and enjoy homeschooling.





5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I would love to chat with you. I homeschool my 5 & 6 year olds. I am struggling to get my daughter to read even basic sight words. She is about 18 months delayed, her pediatrician said what I’m doing currently is great for her development so no need for threapy unless I want it. I just want her to start reading. Can you offer any advice?

    1. Both of yours are very young still. I imagine you are reading to her now, talking with her, singing with her. All of these things facilitate literacy. Sometimes we just get to consumed with when others are learning to read, write, etc that we forget that everyone is different. My son did not speak in ways others outside the family could understand until he was well past 3 years old. I can say there were some honest, but sometimes awkward and funny mistakes when others tried to infer what he was saying. He still struggles with speech, but has improved by leaps and bounds. His writing suffered as well and I thought his reading would, but one year, just surprised me (after struggles and worry) now loving to read and about history which sometimes can be dry reading. Children develop at different times. If your doctor has ruled out hearing issues and other physical issues that might be causing a delay, then consider just keeping on, making sure that some of the literacy activities you do are less structured. Reading to her for enjoyment, storytelling (and letting her story tell- my kids love to make believe and come up with some wonderful scripts all by themselves.) Print out an easy recipe or a “how to”, like a jelly sandwich (you can use pictures with hard words, perhaps with no title-to make it fun) and read it together, guess what it could be, try to make it (perhaps all separately to see if you all come out with the same thing.) I’ve written a couple of post on teaching your children to read. There is some more advice and links in there. I’m putting a phonics post together this week, but if you join the Facebook Group and send me a PM, I will supply you with several phonics links that I like. I hope I was able to help you, as least putting you mind at ease. Sometimes we just have to be patient for their timing.

  2. I love goats, and I love your blog. Thank you for sharing, so many new homeschoolers trying to find resources and wasting money on boxed products. This is a generous gift for everyone 🙂

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