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Free Phonics for Schooling at Home

boy-on-a-bookReading Instruction

Learn to Read 2000 provides instruction on teaching a student how to read , information on  what is needed to be ready for learning to read and has it’s own YouTube Channel.

Meeghan has put together a wonderful amount of info on how to teach your child to read, on her blog, Sight and Sound Reading.

Comprehensive Programs

Phonics by the Book , A Beginning Reader’s Bible Curriculum      

Reading Bear,  a video program

Progressive Phonics: Free Homeschool Reading Program

Sound City Reading

Homeschoolers can sign up as a private school to receive ABC Mouse  for free!

Free Reading, 40 Weeks of Phonics Lessons

This Reading Mama provides a free 31-week reading curriculum for emergent readers.

Preschool Phonics Course from the Ron Paul Curriculum

Kindergarten Phonics from The Ron Paul Curriculum

Orton-Gillingham Phonics Method Software Program
A free dyslexia reading program for children ages 6 and up.

McGuffey Readers and Free Video Courses for the Readers

Primary Readers, Containing a Complete Course in Phonics, First Book

Word Mastery: A Course in Phonics for the First Three

Ultimate Phonics Reading List while the phonics list is the only free part of this phonics program the list itself is enough to create your own with few supplements to include visuals and hands-on practice. You can find worksheets  and videos in link below.

ABC Fast Phonics, a digital presentation for letter names, sounds blends and basic phonics rules.

Owl and Mouse has a FREE Software program that is now all online. Check out the Reading links here to teach your child how to read.


Alice Nine’s Johnny Can Spell Program has made videos available for all phonogram sounds and letter formation.

Want to put your own phonics program together, but you are not sure how to do that? Dorbooks has several free phonics aids including a fourteen point checklist for a successful phonics program.

Free  Readers

Phonetic Readers

Sight Word Readers from the Measured Mom

Beginning Readers from Nellie Edge

Free Phonics Videos

Guru Parents requires an email subscription, but has many alphabet videos, charts, songs, worksheets and more.

Free Phonics Interactives

Kid Port, Language Arts

Free Phonics Printables and Workbooks

MES English


Rock ‘N Learn

One Beautiful Home Blog

Sight Word Printables from the Kindergarten Mom

You can find more phonics printables in my post here on making your own word family lapbooks.

Every Child Should Know Series, Science and Reading Public Domain Books for FREE

Public Domain BooksEvery Child Should Know Series

This is a lovely little series by various authors, each experts in their own area. The writing has the typical charm of 19th century schoolbooks with lots of wonderful vocabulary. The series has something for every reader, whether they be obsessed with birds or interested in stories of old.

My friend Allison over at Public Domain Books for Homeschooling has put the collection together for us. Finding and compiling list of public domain books is her specialty and she uses them regularly in her homeschooling. She does a wonderful job printing and binding her books. I know she will be glad to share some tips with you on binding your own.

Birds Every Child Should Know

Earth and Sky Every Child Should Know

Essays Every Child Should Know

Fairy Stories Every Child Should Know

Heroes Every Child Should Know

Heroines Every Child Should Know

Hymns Every Child Should Know

Legends Every Child Should Know

Myths Every Child Should Know

Operas Every Child Should Know

Pictures Every Child Should Know

Poems Every Child Should Know

Prose Every Child Should Know

Songs Every Child Should Know

Trees Every Child Should Know

Useful Plants Every Child Should Know

Wild Animals Every Child Should Know

Wild Flowers Every Child Should Know

Natural Wonders Every Child Should Know

Water Wonders  Every Child Should Know

Famous Stories  Every Child Should Know

Folk Tales Every Child Should Know

Find more FREE homeschooling resources and learn how to Build You Own Homeschool Curriculum for FREE.