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Free Home Economics Resources


pizza-1013631_1280When introduced early, house-hold responsibilities seem less chore-like. They can even be fun. Young children, especially those looking for a little extra-autonomy, may even love the idea of doing something Mommy or Daddy usually takes care of. My kiddos love it when we cook together. Each takes a job to match their skill level (sort of-last night the shredded cabbage might have been a little much), and they are ready for the next job, asking, “What else can I help you with?” I’ve seen the same reaction when it is chore time, only keeping in mind that, like I have my physical limits, they have their attention limits, so it is important to set them up for success. Planning is key and time required for each task is worth considering.

I’ve put together a list of Home-Economics resources. It is by no means exhaustive, though I will continue to add as the resources are revealed or I am inspired. The first link will help you brainstorm, list, and sequence the home-economics topics you believe are pertinent to your child’s life and get you moving towards building your own home-economics curriculum, but first a little history and a little on each of these categories under home-economics umbrella.

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Scope and Sequence

Build your own using Proverbs
The Basic List
Write your own curriculum with Bright Hub Education
Other great ideas to add your curriculum

Home Economics  (all sub-topics)

Home and Economics with Howcast
A full year of High School Home Economics with Plain and Not So Plain
Creative Living Skills from Glencoe
Homeschool Course at Brady Bunch Homeschool
An Old Fashioned Education

Cooking/Food Safety

52 week curriculum, Cooking For Kids
Age Appropriate Cooking Lessons for Kids, Ages 3-18
Cooking Unit Lapbook with Homeschool Share
Cooking and Home-Economics from Archive ebooks
Kidspot Kitchen-Recipes
Video Recipes
from Spattulatta.com
Printable Recipe Books for Kids
Food Network-Cooking with Kids
Cooking/Farm to Table

Sesame Street Recipes
Easy Recipes for Kids (blog)
Publications on Food Safety At Home
Food Safety from the USDA


Teaching Your Child to Clean with FREE Homeschool Deals
Chore Cards from Five J’s
Lessons from Clorox
Printable Chore Chart
Home Cleaning with Pinterest


Gardening Lapbook
Garden Preschool Pack Printables
Kids Gardening
My First Garden
Gardening for Kids, Fun and Inspiring Ideas
More Gardening Idea for Kids

Sewing and other Needle Crafts

Crafts and Fabric Links
Sewing Book, Lessons for beginners
Online Video Lessons by Craftsy
Easy Sewing Projects for Kids
History of Fashion and Design Tutorials
Share your designs on DIY!
Crothet Lessons with Craftyminx

Managing Money

Practical Money Skills Lessons,  Resources,  and Games
Visual Economics for Kinder-2nd grade
Hands-on Banking for All ages
Checkbook Lessons
Money Instructor, “a reality based personal finance course for young adults”
Financial Literacy for High School
Consumer Math Worksheets
Economics Lessons for Elementary to High School
Family Online Links for Economics


Nutrition Detectives
Nutrition Education from the USDA, for all ages
Passport to Nutrition Program (kit)
Team Nutrition
Online Nutrition Education Course

Social Media and Technology

Computer Basics OnlineTutorials
Early Computer Skills
Learn the Parts of a PC
Internet Safety
Technology Tutorials
KidsComputer Lesson, Preschool to 12th grade
Lesson Plans, Ideas and Activities from Hot Chalk
E-learning for Kids

Other Life Skills

Bee Keeping with USDA’s Beesource
Bee Keeper’s Manual, and Amazon ebook

First Aid Course

Responsible Dog Ownership

Fire Arm Safety Online and DVD

Child Safety Curriculum
Safety Kits with Lessons on Being Safe

Provident Living and Emergency Preparedness with an Old Fashioned Education
Emergency Preparedness Unit

Emergency Preparedness with Old Fashioned Education
Emergency Preparedness by State (FEMA)
Problem Solving in an Emergency
Fire Safety Publications
Weather Safety and Preparedness

In the Public Domain

Homeschool Common’s compilation of Home Economics Resources
Home Occupations for Boys and Girls
Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking
Household Sewing with Home Dressmaking
Home Dressmaking
Home Dressmaking Made Easy, Hooper
Home Dressmaking: a complete guide to household sewing
How to Make Over Old Dresses
The complete book of sewing; dressmaking and sewing for the home made easy

Ebook Series in the Public Domain

Mary Francis Instruction Books
When Mother Let’s Us Play Series
Library of Cookery

Here are some Pinterest boards you might gain some inspiration on. All of the pins may not be FREE, but I never let that stop me from tweaking an idea into my own or sending me on another search to find a similar FREE alternative.

Homeschool~Home Economics
Explore Home Economics
Gardening with Kids

Free Phonics for Schooling at Home

boy-on-a-bookReading Instruction

Learn to Read 2000 provides instruction on teaching a student how to read , information on  what is needed to be ready for learning to read and has it’s own YouTube Channel.

Meeghan has put together a wonderful amount of info on how to teach your child to read, on her blog, Sight and Sound Reading.

Comprehensive Programs

Phonics by the Book , A Beginning Reader’s Bible Curriculum      

Reading Bear,  a video program

Progressive Phonics: Free Homeschool Reading Program

Sound City Reading

Homeschoolers can sign up as a private school to receive ABC Mouse  for free!

Free Reading, 40 Weeks of Phonics Lessons

This Reading Mama provides a free 31-week reading curriculum for emergent readers.

Preschool Phonics Course from the Ron Paul Curriculum

Kindergarten Phonics from The Ron Paul Curriculum

Orton-Gillingham Phonics Method Software Program
A free dyslexia reading program for children ages 6 and up.

McGuffey Readers and Free Video Courses for the Readers

Primary Readers, Containing a Complete Course in Phonics, First Book

Word Mastery: A Course in Phonics for the First Three

Ultimate Phonics Reading List while the phonics list is the only free part of this phonics program the list itself is enough to create your own with few supplements to include visuals and hands-on practice. You can find worksheets  and videos in link below.

ABC Fast Phonics, a digital presentation for letter names, sounds blends and basic phonics rules.

Owl and Mouse has a FREE Software program that is now all online. Check out the Reading links here to teach your child how to read.


Alice Nine’s Johnny Can Spell Program has made videos available for all phonogram sounds and letter formation.

Want to put your own phonics program together, but you are not sure how to do that? Dorbooks has several free phonics aids including a fourteen point checklist for a successful phonics program.

Free  Readers

Phonetic Readers

Sight Word Readers from the Measured Mom

Beginning Readers from Nellie Edge

Free Phonics Videos

Guru Parents requires an email subscription, but has many alphabet videos, charts, songs, worksheets and more.

Free Phonics Interactives

Kid Port, Language Arts

Free Phonics Printables and Workbooks

MES English


Rock ‘N Learn

One Beautiful Home Blog

Sight Word Printables from the Kindergarten Mom

You can find more phonics printables in my post here on making your own word family lapbooks.

Free Homeschooling Courses for High School and College (Dual Credit)

Here is a list of sites that offer FREE courses for High School and College credit, or dual credit. More information on receiving dual credit is posted below the links.

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girl-410175_1280m for FREE!

Saylor Academy

Open 2 Study


Academic Earth



University of Reddit


Learners TV

Open Culture

Open Learn

MIT OpenCourseware

Open Learning Initiative

Open Yale Courses

Utah State University OpenCourseware

Webcast Berkley

Education Portal


Free Literature offers Literature classes and much more.

Dual Credit At Home has lots of information and helpful Freebies for receiving dual credit while homeschooling. Check out the Resources!

Here is some more information on How to Get College Credit by Taking Free Online Courses.

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Free Mail Order Science Materials

microscope-275984_1280Here are some of the FREE Science  Materials that you can receive by mail. I will update the page as needed to add new offers or delete those no longer offered.

Register for a free Physics Kit

Planet Protector’s Club Kit, Resources for Waste Eduction

Journey to The Stars DVD Collection

The Garden Detective Adventure

Dinosaur Train Educational  Resources, Toolkit and Poster

Celebrate Urban Birds Getting Started Kit

Coal Kits

Soil Education

Save the Redwoods Educational Materials (Curriculum)

Curriculum Supplements

Health Professionals Education Kit

Nutrition Kit

Healthy Vision (Calendar)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Publications and Videos)

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Free Resources for Homeschooling Toddlers

kid-585278_1280In all of these resources you will find hands-on, language facilitated activities. Toddlers are already learning about the world around them using their senses without parents even being involved.  Adding language to their activity is the key to vocabulary building on the concepts they are discovering.

One thing I am not going to add to this post is a link to a developmental checklist. You are probably more stressed than you need to be already. There are already to many people sharing their opinion on how you or your child should be.You don’t need a checklist, you just need to be an attentive, interactive and accessible mother. You can’t go wrong with that combination.

Language and Literacy

Read anything, talk about everything, play anytime, and enjoy music often together. It really can be that simple. Your child doesn’t have all the vocabulary needed to carry on a detailed conversation, but you  fill in the blanks. Narrate your day. Ask and answer questions. Not only is your child learning vocabulary he hears repeated, but he is learning the complex patterns of language, the ups and downs of the voice, along with facial expressions and body language that accompanies language.

I think this pamphlet on Getting Ready to Read will help you get the idea and some simple activities to start with, I think you’ll find you are doing a lot of this already. You are just needing the confidence to keep moving forward. Relax! This is natural for you. You were made for this! You are the most important person in our child’s life.

Tips for Choosing Books for Your Child

Activities to Encourage Speech and Language Development

Language Development Activities for Toddlers

50 Literacy Activities for Babies (but these are great or toddlers too, only you might get them joining in on more at this age!)

ELF Kid Videos

Songs for Saplings, Free Digital Music Downloads


Here is a great article by the NAEYC about Math Talk. No need to buy lots of materials. Math is everywhere! Make it fun and stress free. Learning can happen in everyday routines. Counting the number of carrots on the plate. Chatting about colors in the park. the shapes of a wheel, a table, the doorway. Playing with blocks can help build problem solving and spatial awareness skills needed later in math.

Math Games for Your Toddler are simple and fun.

Baby and Toddler Math Activities

Math at Play has loads of resources for Infants, Toddlers and Twos including hands-on-activities, songs, rhymes, and language to facilitate math learning.

Toddler Math activities focus on using the toddler’s ever curious senses to explore math.

The Measured Mom has put together some great hands-on Water, Math, and Science activities to do with your kids, ages 3-6.

Don’t forget your library. Here are list of Math books for Children to begin discussion of math concepts and build vocabulary in context. If you can’t find these titles, search your library’s catalog for the types of books listed in the second article below.

Math for Preschoolers

Basic Math for Toddlers


How to Nurture Your Child’s Interest in the Natural World. Don’t stop at this article. Keep reading!

The author of Teaching Tiny Tots understands how busy the senses are and has lots of toddler science fun to be had.

Here is a start-up list for 10 Preschool Science Read Alouds. No worries if you can’t find these in your library. There are sure to have others you can substitute.

Science Activities for Babies and Toddlers

15 Fun Science Projects for Toddlers

Science Activities for Toddlers

20 Science Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Preschool Science Activities organized by topic.

Babble Dabble Do Science for Kids

20 Kid’s Science Experiments You Can do at Home

Social Studies and Social Skillstoy-ducks-535335_1280

Children at this age are learning the very basics of Social Studies concepts, “I am part of a bigger world”. They learn about themselves and how to interact socially within the specific environments they find themselves in, the home with family, playdates with friends of multiple ages, a Sunday school class with same-age peers, or in an adult situation where the activities are not centered on them. They learn about different social expectations in each of these situations.

Literacy is another way to learn about the people in the bigger world around them. In books they will encounter people and circumstances they might not experience directly. Videos  can serve the same purpose, while also building vocabulary for these contexts.  In addition, live WebCams for Social Studies and Science, like Wild Earth, can take your child to places he might never see otherwise.

Children will take these new concepts and mimic them in dramatic play, another way children will assimilate the new information, practicing vocabulary and developing problem solving skills for social situations.

Map Concepts can also be introduced at this age with simple activities like mapping the house (with Mommy’s facilitating) or finding places on a map or globe. Here are a couple of article talking more about developmentally appropriate objectives for Social Studies and some suggested activities and literature.

Social Studies Knowledge and Skills
Click on each objective to see some easy activities to engage your toddler in.

Early Childhood Development and Social Studies

Exploring Social Studies Through Children’s Books

Here are some Social Studies Games at PBS that Mom and toddler can begin playing together while toddler gets and introduction into some basic social studies concept to build on.

This article focuses on the classroom, but the objectives in the right hand corner serve for a source of ideas for activities.

Preschool Social Skills for the world he’s in everyday. These are some of the first steps in learning the role he has in other people’s lives, in coming out of his egocentric perspective. When a toddler begins to learn that what he says and does affects the people around him. Toddlers can realize their power and learn self control in order to balance his wants in relationship to what others need. Reading Books about Feelings can help your child understand his own and appreciate that others feel them too.

Get your little one involved in a family role with 10 Chores To Do With your Toddler.

More Resources for Toddlersbaby-17316_1280

Comprehensive Montessori Scope and Sequence

Toddler and Preschool Educational Printable Activities from Totschooling

Hands On Homeschooling -Curriculum for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Homeshooling with Toddlers from The Happy Housewife

Toddler Games and Activities from PBS

Homeschooling the Very Young

Montessori Monday

Early Learning Activities for Toddlers

ABC Jesus Loves Me, a Christian, comprehensive curriculum for ages 2-5

20 (more) Websites and Resources for Starting tot School

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Super Bowl Sunday, February 1st, 2015, Teachable Moments, Free Resources and Activities

american-football-63109_1280I’m putting some free resources together for Currclick’s Teachable Moment’s Calendar. You can receive the calendar by subscribing to Currclick’s Newsletter here.

February 1, 2015
Super Bowl XLIX

Football: Super Bowl Fun Facts and Records

Super Bowl Fun Facts & Trivia

Last Year’s Super Bowl

Super Bowl Activities from the Teachers Corner

Super Bowl Sunday Games and Activities for Kids from apples4theteacher.com

Super Bowl Activities for Kids: 11 Fun Ideas for Game Day Play

Free Super Bowl Football Games, Activities & Printables for Kids from examiner.com

Free Football Pack from 3 Dinosaurs

Super Bowl Graphing

Graphing Through the Super Bowl and other football Activities

Super Bowl Sunday Crafts from DLTK

Football Themed Fun for the Little Ones

Find more FREE resources and learn how to Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum for FREE.

Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum For FREE
Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum For FREE

World History Primary Sources from Digital Libraries All Over the Globe, FREE

old-438035_1280How to Use Primary Sources

Library of Congress

History Detectives (PBS)

Primary Source World
Classroom-ready activities designed around key primary sources, including written documents, artifacts, audio clips, visual evidence and much more.

What Historians Ask


Primary Sources

World digital Library

National History Day

World History Matters– includes Analysis of and Curriculum based on Primary Resources

Primary Resources on the Web from Eduplace

Social Studies Central

Documents Online, listed by country

101 Pins (Pinterest)


Primary and Secondary Sources

University of New Haven

History 266


United States and World History

100 Sites for Finding Primary Resources

American and Modern World History Videos from History Heard

EyeWitness to History

Cal State Library

History Central

Find more FREE resources and learn to Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum

Free Community Studies, Elementary (Across the Curriculum)

pioneer-statue-438114_1280Types of Communities, Geography and Mapping Opportunities

Mapping Service Providers in Your Community

Printable Neighborhood

Urban, Suburban, Rural Interactive

Urban, Suburban, Rural, Slideshare

Urban, Suburban, Rural, Worksheet


People in the Community

Lesson Plans on Community Workers for Kids

Community Helpers Pack– Ages 2 to 10

People in the Community– Worksheet

Community Helpers Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Community Helpers Theme for Preschool (Activities and Songs)

People, Occupations, Jobs, and Community– Free Crafts, a Game, and Print-outs to Color

Community Workers Packs from In All You Do (Across the Curriculum)



Popular Children Community Helpers Books

My Community Unit Study-Literature Based



Preschool Science Activities on Community Helpers

Citizen Scientist by Scientific American and find a cause that you believe in.

SciStarter can help you find Projects and Resources for your next citizen science adventure.


silhouettes-582969_1280My Community

All About My Community Pack

My Community Crafts and Activities for Kids

Share Pictures of Your Community with National Geographic

Community and Community Helpers Free Games and Activities from Wart Games



Kids and Community– a site developed by City Planners with online writing activities centered around your child’s community



Community Helper Math Activities

Sumdog lets you play Math Games in various parts of the City (Warning: Fun and addictive for Parents TOO!)

Be a Helper in the Community as you solve all sorts of Everyday Math Problems with Math Apprentice.


On Pinterest

Community Helpers Theme- 235 Pins!

Community  Helpers Theme- 189 Pins!

On YouTube

Community for Kids


In the Community

Community Service ideas for Kids

Untied Way

35 Service Projects for Kids

Find more  FREE resources and learn how to Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum for FREE, here


Free 50 States Studies, Elementary


How All 50 States Got Their Names

Reading Around The USA, 50 Books For Kids From 50 States

State Travel Guides

14 Resources for Studying the United States

Exploring the United States and It’s Regions

Free Printable US States Geography Cards

How the States Got Their Shape

Awesome America, Fun Facts, Stunning Photos, Travel Info for All 50 States

US State Printables

Explore Your America

One Thing You Must Do With Kids in Every US State

Free 50 US State Printables

States and Capitals Worksheets

Flat Stanley Unit Study

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Writing a Friendly Letter

thank-you-515514_1280Although we live in an age that is centered on communications in technology, writing a friendly letter is still a practice among those who desire to be more personal in their communication, whether to a friend afar or to thank a potential employer after a job interview.

As a teacher, I still wrote thank you  notes to my students who provided me gifts of appreciation. The children loved to receive them. With the small gesture, they knew the appreciation was returned.

My own children love to receive cards and letters in the mail.
I know, I’d sing atop a mountain if I was  to receive one that isn’t a bill.

While business communications make  the most of the efficiency of an email or messenger program, nothing says “tender love and care” like a hand written letter.

Here, I have put together some resources for teaching and applying the art of letter writing through the friendly letter.

Letter Generators
We recently picked up a book from the library in the children’s non-fiction section called How to Write a Letter. It included format, conversation topics, and how to address a letter . They have a series on different types of writing that we have been checking out one at a time. One of the things I love about using books over something online is that my 5 year old will see my 7 year old using it to learn how to write a letter and then she begins pulling out paper and pencil with him. Nevertheless, we find many useful tools on the internet for learning to include  four interactives for writing last year when my son was less than willing to put pen to paper. One  of these focuses on writing a friendly letter.

We love having a book in hand and I encourage the keeping of a journal in at least one subject. However, we have less space  now, so online learning is convenient , but also fun and interactive.  I’ll talk more about online learning in another post.

I love the Read Write Think site! Here is an interactive template or Letter Generator guiding the student through each step of the letter writing process.

Step-by-Step Guides
Here is an activity for writing a friendly or personal letter including a step by step visual guide and other friendly letter links.

Wiki How provides another step-by-step guide to writing a friendly letter. This is for the more mature writer as the content of the sample letters includes great depth and detail.

Lessons and Literature

Teaching with TLC has some resources and letter writing activities including suggested books to inspire the beginnings of a writing habit.Carey Jane Clark shares a lesson integrating reading a writing of a friendly letter along with other book ideas for the theme.Teach Kids How provides some suggestions on how and what to teach to different age levels, providing a way to differentiate for students of all ages.
Activities and Worksheets
DLTK has letter writing resources geared toward the younger writer that include a “stamp glue recipe” and templates for envelope and stamp.
 You can find some printable worksheet sources here,  such as  visual aides, templates, and written assignments.
Addressing Envelopes

Read Write Think and ABC Teach both have templates and instructions for addressing the letter.

I haven’t paid the bills via snail mail in so long that it wasn’t until my daughter and I both began writing someone out of state that I realized I no longer remembered how. Very humbling.

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