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Woman’s Institute Library of Cookery

This five volume set guides the reader through food prep in the home.  Each book focuses on a different group,simply preparing the cook for success in the kitchen.library of cookery

Library of Cookery Vol 1

Library of Cookery Vol 2

Library of Cookery Vol 3

Library of Cookery Vol 4

ibrary of Cookery Vol 5

When Mother Lets Us Play Series

whenmotherletsus00rich_0001Dive into this instructional series and learn a new skill or strengthen an already growing interest with the many inviting projects. From carpentry to sewing, the series covers some fun home-economics basics ( and a travel to Italy) with great illustrations and some playful rhymes as well.

When Mother Lets us Carpenter

When Mother Lets us Make Candy

When Mother Lets us Cut Out Pictures

When Mother Lets us Garden

When Mother Lets us Make Gifts

When Mother Lets us Cook

When Mother Lets us Keep Pets

When Mother Lets us Help

When Mother Lets us Play

When Mother Lets us Travel in Italy

When Mother Lets us Act

When Mother Lets us Sew

When Mother Lets us Make Paperbox Furniture

When Mother Lets us Make Toys

When Mother Lets us Give a Party


Mary Francis Instruction Books

Mary Francis Instruction Books, written by Jane Earye Fryer teach life skills through a delightfully entertaining story. Learn the basics of home-economics as you follow Mary in each book.

Adventures Among the Doll People: Easy Steps in HMAry Francesousekeeping

Adventures Among the Story People: Mary Frances Story Book

Adventures Among the Thimble People: Mary Frances Sewing Book

Adventures Among the Kitchen People: Mary Frances Cook Book

Adventures Among the Garden People: Mary Frances Garden Book

Adventures Among the Knitting People: Mary Frances Knitting and Crochet Book

Mary Frances First Aid Book