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Every Child Should Know Series, Science and Reading Public Domain Books for FREE

Public Domain BooksEvery Child Should Know Series

This is a lovely little series by various authors, each experts in their own area. The writing has the typical charm of 19th century schoolbooks with lots of wonderful vocabulary. The series has something for every reader, whether they be obsessed with birds or interested in stories of old.

My friend Allison over at Public Domain Books for Homeschooling has put the collection together for us. Finding and compiling list of public domain books is her specialty and she uses them regularly in her homeschooling. She does a wonderful job printing and binding her books. I know she will be glad to share some tips with you on binding your own.

Birds Every Child Should Know

Earth and Sky Every Child Should Know

Essays Every Child Should Know

Fairy Stories Every Child Should Know

Heroes Every Child Should Know

Heroines Every Child Should Know

Hymns Every Child Should Know

Legends Every Child Should Know

Myths Every Child Should Know

Operas Every Child Should Know

Pictures Every Child Should Know

Poems Every Child Should Know

Prose Every Child Should Know

Songs Every Child Should Know

Trees Every Child Should Know

Useful Plants Every Child Should Know

Wild Animals Every Child Should Know

Wild Flowers Every Child Should Know

Natural Wonders Every Child Should Know

Water Wonders  Every Child Should Know

Famous Stories  Every Child Should Know

Folk Tales Every Child Should Know

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Aunt Charlotte’s Books For Young Ones and Little Folk

In 1823, Charlotte Mary Yonge was born at Otterbourne in Hampshire, England. Her charitable parents built the first Sunday School on the grounds of Otterbourne and gave her a religious education. She began to teach at the age of seven and continued in her parents footsteps in educating the poor. Her first writings were for Sunday School children. She continued her writing and teaching into adulthood; her writing  as prolific as it was loved. Still loved today, here are some of the works she wrote for children.

CharlotteGreek History

Greek History for Little Ones

American History

Bible History

English History

Evenings at Home with Poets

Young Folk’s History of Germany

Young Folk’s History of Rome

Landmarks of History: Ancient History

Landmarks of History: Modern History


Thanks go to Allison for gathering these books. My friend feeds my obsession with 19th and early 20th century books. You can find more on my Facebook group, and learn how you can Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum for FREE.


You can read more about Charlotte Mary Yonge here:


Teaching Across the Curriculum with the Bobbsey Twins- A Unit Study


people-163906_64010 Free Bobbsey Twins Books on Kindle

Explore the genre with this lesson on Ingredients of a Mystery. Several Free Worksheets are included as well as a list of suggested books. There are plenty of free mysteries for Kindle and on Google Books, including the Bobbsey Twins and The Rover Boys.

There is a little confusion about the real author of these books. In The Story of the Bobbsey Twins, you” ll read about the

Read Mysteries By Kids

Use an interactive tool from ReadWriteThink to dissect your mystery. There are writing activities too!


Mystery Writing: Write with Writers 

How to Write a Mini Myster

Writing Mystery Stories The Best Mystery Writing Tips and Tricks for Kids


Kids Ahead – Crime Scene Investigation Activities

Science Mystery – Educational Mysteries (and Reading)

Detective Science Games


The 25 Biggest Mysteries of History

The 20 Coolest Unsolved Mysteries in History

Mystery Timeline and more, including lessons and interactives.


Mystery Math Pictures -Math Facts

Mystery  Picture Math -Math Facts

Mystery Pictures with multiples and division.

Maths Mysteries Online Games

Math Maven’s Mysteries Home – Scholastic  Various Skills and Levels, including Logic and Reasoning

Mystery Math– an online game of deductive reasoning

Critical Thinking

Solve some mysteries at Mystery Net’s Kids Site.

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Mystery Fun
Make your own spy equipment!