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Free Home Economics Resources


pizza-1013631_1280When introduced early, house-hold responsibilities seem less chore-like. They can even be fun. Young children, especially those looking for a little extra-autonomy, may even love the idea of doing something Mommy or Daddy usually takes care of. My kiddos love it when we cook together. Each takes a job to match their skill level (sort of-last night the shredded cabbage might have been a little much), and they are ready for the next job, asking, “What else can I help you with?” I’ve seen the same reaction when it is chore time, only keeping in mind that, like I have my physical limits, they have their attention limits, so it is important to set them up for success. Planning is key and time required for each task is worth considering.

I’ve put together a list of Home-Economics resources. It is by no means exhaustive, though I will continue to add as the resources are revealed or I am inspired. The first link will help you brainstorm, list, and sequence the home-economics topics you believe are pertinent to your child’s life and get you moving towards building your own home-economics curriculum, but first a little history and a little on each of these categories under home-economics umbrella.

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Scope and Sequence

Build your own using Proverbs
The Basic List
Write your own curriculum with Bright Hub Education
Other great ideas to add your curriculum

Home Economics  (all sub-topics)

Home and Economics with Howcast
A full year of High School Home Economics with Plain and Not So Plain
Creative Living Skills from Glencoe
Homeschool Course at Brady Bunch Homeschool
An Old Fashioned Education

Cooking/Food Safety

52 week curriculum, Cooking For Kids
Age Appropriate Cooking Lessons for Kids, Ages 3-18
Cooking Unit Lapbook with Homeschool Share
Cooking and Home-Economics from Archive ebooks
Kidspot Kitchen-Recipes
Video Recipes
from Spattulatta.com
Printable Recipe Books for Kids
Food Network-Cooking with Kids
Cooking/Farm to Table

Sesame Street Recipes
Easy Recipes for Kids (blog)
Publications on Food Safety At Home
Food Safety from the USDA


Teaching Your Child to Clean with FREE Homeschool Deals
Chore Cards from Five J’s
Lessons from Clorox
Printable Chore Chart
Home Cleaning with Pinterest


Gardening Lapbook
Garden Preschool Pack Printables
Kids Gardening
My First Garden
Gardening for Kids, Fun and Inspiring Ideas
More Gardening Idea for Kids

Sewing and other Needle Crafts

Crafts and Fabric Links
Sewing Book, Lessons for beginners
Online Video Lessons by Craftsy
Easy Sewing Projects for Kids
History of Fashion and Design Tutorials
Share your designs on DIY!
Crothet Lessons with Craftyminx

Managing Money

Practical Money Skills Lessons,  Resources,  and Games
Visual Economics for Kinder-2nd grade
Hands-on Banking for All ages
Checkbook Lessons
Money Instructor, “a reality based personal finance course for young adults”
Financial Literacy for High School
Consumer Math Worksheets
Economics Lessons for Elementary to High School
Family Online Links for Economics


Nutrition Detectives
Nutrition Education from the USDA, for all ages
Passport to Nutrition Program (kit)
Team Nutrition
Online Nutrition Education Course

Social Media and Technology

Computer Basics OnlineTutorials
Early Computer Skills
Learn the Parts of a PC
Internet Safety
Technology Tutorials
KidsComputer Lesson, Preschool to 12th grade
Lesson Plans, Ideas and Activities from Hot Chalk
E-learning for Kids

Other Life Skills

Bee Keeping with USDA’s Beesource
Bee Keeper’s Manual, and Amazon ebook

First Aid Course

Responsible Dog Ownership

Fire Arm Safety Online and DVD

Child Safety Curriculum
Safety Kits with Lessons on Being Safe

Provident Living and Emergency Preparedness with an Old Fashioned Education
Emergency Preparedness Unit

Emergency Preparedness with Old Fashioned Education
Emergency Preparedness by State (FEMA)
Problem Solving in an Emergency
Fire Safety Publications
Weather Safety and Preparedness

In the Public Domain

Homeschool Common’s compilation of Home Economics Resources
Home Occupations for Boys and Girls
Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking
Household Sewing with Home Dressmaking
Home Dressmaking
Home Dressmaking Made Easy, Hooper
Home Dressmaking: a complete guide to household sewing
How to Make Over Old Dresses
The complete book of sewing; dressmaking and sewing for the home made easy

Ebook Series in the Public Domain

Mary Francis Instruction Books
When Mother Let’s Us Play Series
Library of Cookery

Here are some Pinterest boards you might gain some inspiration on. All of the pins may not be FREE, but I never let that stop me from tweaking an idea into my own or sending me on another search to find a similar FREE alternative.

Homeschool~Home Economics
Explore Home Economics
Gardening with Kids