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Free, Real World Math Resources

When do we use math in the real world? Here are some links that can answer that question and inspire children to see beyond the calculations and discover the joys of applying math skills to everyday problems.

Online Activitiessewing-machine-606435_1280

PBS Learning Media

Figure This

Watch Know Learn

Math Apprentice

Real World Math.org

Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science provides a list of internet-based collaborative projects. (K-12)

Real world mathematical equations and formulas on Slideshare

Lesson Worth Sharing from TEDEd, Math in Real Life

Real World Math Problems in video

Offline  and  Hands on Activities

Graphing Real World Math

Graphing Storiesdrawing-board-670027_1280

Lemonade Stand

Yummy Math

Real World Applications

Calculating a Car Payment

Real World Math Applications of Arithmetic -Hands on Projects

Real World Math Lesson Plans from Teachnet.com

Unschool Rules Lessons on real world math


Illuminations has lessons and interactives for all grade levels.

Full Course or Curricula

Data Analysis Curricula (including Algebra), International Boiling Point Project,  Population Growth Project, and Human Genetics

Geometry Curricula-The Noon Day Project

Numbers and Operations Curricula- Down the Drain Project

Trigonometry Curricula-Navigational Vectors

Foundations of Real World Math at Saylor Academy

Real World Math at Saylor Academy

Ponders the Question, “Why do we use Math?”


Mathematical Moments

We Use Math

Math in Daily Life

NASA’s Practical Uses of Math and Science

Connecting Math to Real Life and other related videos

The Teaching Channel’s  Make it Real: Connecting Math to Real Life, real world math examples.

Videos from the Future’s Channel

See how professionals use math on Get the Math videos and challenges.

Engineering and  Design

Math By Design, a design course that includes interactives focusing on building measurement and geometry skills

Engineering Everywhere is a free engineering curriculum fro middle-schoolers with download able units.

Architect Studio 3D lets you enter the virtual world of building with this 3D game download, available for Windows or MAC.

Math in the Airairport-178199_1280

Line up With Math and Fly by Math are NASA created units that help students apply math to decisions in air traffic control situations.


Free Time Resources on Pinterest


Money Math: Lessons for Life

Economics lectures and articles from FEE

Economics articles and videos from Mises

High School Financial Literacy

Money Skill, an interactive personal finance course for high school and college students

The Mint

Hands On Banking from kids to seniors

Online Personal Finance Game

Consumer Math Worksheets for Middle School

Practical Money Skills, materials to order or download.

Elementary economics Lessons for Children from the Money Instructorberlin-507408_1280

Center for Economic Education provides printable economics lesson plans for all grade levels.

Free Money Resources on Pinterest

Easy Lessons on Money Matters

Internet 4 Classrooms
This website aligns itself with Common core, however many of the sites it links to are not aligned.  Some of the links listed here include an entire page of real-world math practice, while others have them scattered throughout the page based on standards listed. You can use the search feature to search for “real world” to find them quickly.

Measurement Skills (4th grade)

Recognize Angle…(4th grade)

Real World Division (5th grade)

Measurement Skills (5th grade)

Real World Data (6th grade)

Measurement Skills (6th grade)

Data Analysis and Probability Skills (6th grade)

Real World Linear (7th grade)

Data Analysis and Probability Skills (7th grade)

Interactive Math Skill Builders, Real World Problems (8th grade)

Real World Problems (8th grade)

Symbolic Algebra (8th grade)

Apply the Pythagorean Theorem (8th grade)

Mathematical Processes (Algebra 1)

Find more FREE homeschooling resources and learn how to Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum for FREE.

Free Singapore Math Curriculum Resources

school-307641_1280We love Singapore Math, but I have made a commitment to homeschool on a dime so that we can afford some of life’s luxuries on a shoestring budget. I’m always amazed at the generosity of others by what they are making accessible for free.. Here are some of the resources we are using and a couple thrown in to give you some choice.

Full Curriculum

These are not Singapore Math, but are so similar my children do not know the difference, we are using the first set of books for each of my kiddos in conjunction with one of the tutorial links I’ll be adding down the page a bit.

Center for Innovation in Mathematics has a fantastic curriculum to download. I only download the student book and use the other resources over the computer screen when necessary. It helps us save on paper and ink. The curriculum covers both primary and secondary grade levels, not including kindergarten. It is just the right amount of challenging. The reason we chose this one over the next link is because this program seems to give a little more variety in the daily lesson. The program keeps the kids engaged.

Comprehensive School Mathematics Program is another curriculum similar to Singapore. This program might be liked more by those that need something a little simpler, though it is very thorough and has many components that keep it engaging. It covers all grade levels including kindergarten.


The kids love these tutorials from The Singapore Maths Teacher. They have really come in handy. Parents can also learn the why behind the model drawings and different ways for solving math problems. It covers grades 3rd-6th.

The Online School of Mathematics covers grades 3rd-7th. You have to set up an account to use the site. After you enter each grade level’s area, you may choose what skill to work on. There is a premium subscription but most of it is FREE.

Khan Academy has an enormous inventory of Singapore Math tutorials from grades 4th-12th.

Conceptua Math is another site with lessons. It has a premium membership, but the learning libraries are both free to view.


If your child needs some extra material to work on a certain mastered skill, here are some sites with worksheets.

School Kid covers grades 1st-6th.

Math in English has it all. For grades 1st to 6th. It includes worksheets and workbooks, videos and games, all based on Singapore Math.

Virtual Manipuatives

Everything is online now! Even Manipulatives. Check out Math in Focus’s iTool. I just found this. My kiddos are going to love it.

They are using Thinking Blocks now. The game guides the child through each step of the process and rewards them after a few correct answers leading them to a new level.