Free Pattern Block Resources

Pattern Blocks are lots of fun and can be used for exploring and developing multiple skills. They can be used foPattern Blocksr identifying shapes and colors, creating and identifying types of patterns, symmetry, fractions, and spatial awareness. These are great problem solving tools. I always introduce them during play before adding them to our learning time. The novelty never quite wears off, but it can simmer a bit so your child can focus on the page activities.¬† These pages are full of printable pattern blocks and templates. That’s right! You don’t even need to run out and buy the blocks. As long as you have access to a color printer you have everything you need. You can laminate these and use them over and over.

Pattern Blocks

Hiedi Songs has many free resources. You can find printable pattern blocks here. You can print them on cardstock and laminate them to make them last longer. Store them in plastic bags.

Pattern Block Templates

Over at Jessica’s Corner of Cyberspace, we see that Jessica has been busy creating pattern block templates. She has pages of them in color and in black and white. Your youngest child will enjoy matching the blocks using the colors on the page. Then the black and white can be used when learning to identify shapes.

Over at Making Learning Fun they have so many activities, I can’t believe I found these great pattern blocks cards for letters and shapes. They can begin working with letters and shapes as soon as they can match color and shape. Then you can pull these cards out again when you are working with your child on learning the names of letters and shapes.

Erica, over at Confessions of a Homeschooler, has some wonderful templates for letters and activity cards for working on patterns and shapes.

Geometry with Pattern Blocks

On this K-5 Math Resources site you will find some great geometry resources as well as a Pattern Block Game similar to Battleship. We love that game!

The Math Learning Center has so many great books to download, including this pattern block book, complete with lessons and printables for Grades K-2 and this one for Grades 3-5. Be patient when downloading. Some of the books are really large.

Using Pattern Blocks to Teaching Fractions

This education support center in Australia has some great math resources. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find a syllabus of objectives in teaching fractions along with some helpful printables for each lesson.

Virginia also has an education support center with a searchable database, where I found some lessons on fractions using pattern blocks.

Pattern Block Interactives

Math Toybox

Math Playground


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