Our Favorite Grammar Books in the Public Domain

monkey-236861_1280I love these grammar books and find it difficult to say which I love more. They are simple and to the point but each of the authors has been so creative in the way grammar is approached, making it a lovely experience for all involved. These can be read aloud by the parent or used for independent study. For those that have questions and exercises, I found most are handled well with an oral discussion. Few lend themselves only to a written response. Both of my older students are using their for independent study this year. I let them choose the one they wanted, so grammar is never a subject they avoid. Many of these darling little books only contain 35-40 exercises allowing them to be the perfect supplement to your writing curriculum. My children usually focus on the lesson 1-2 days which opens the rest of the week to writing assignments for other subjects. Other books in this collection are teacher guides for oral exchange and have daily lessons including theory and practice.

The Child’s Own English Book
is just plain adorable with its personable read aloud style and games to play with child after Mommy has read. The games provide a combination of both oral and written exercises for customizing a lesson for your little one. For the younger student, best read orally than in independent study.

First Lessons in English is mostly exercises for the child, so that the child can learn and then use what he has learned often. Included are both oral and written exercises including cursive copywork.

Primary English Grammar is simple and straightforward. This book covers the basics in the eight parts of speech. In completing one section, it provides 40 weeks of learning.

Grammar Made Easy for Beginners speaks directly to the reader, this charming little book teaches the parts of speech thoroughly. This book was written specifically to make a regularly boring subject pleasing to the reader.

Each part of Speech plays its own part in Grammarland. The kids get lost in all the drama and learn the grammar in the process. You can use this as a read aloud alone or can add these Grammarland Worksheets. Here are some alternative Grammarland Worksheets and Game. Librivox provides Grammarland Audio for readers as well.

Harvey’s Elementary and Composition even further breaks down grammar and the written word. Heavier on the written exercises to focus on the polished and effective composition of text. Thorough in its explanation and graduated in exposure of material for the ease learning.

Elementary Grammar is a more advanced and in-depth look at Grammar, with over 130 exercises and 62 lessons.

There are our favorites, but here are more you may like:

Elementary English Grammar

First Lessons in English Grammar

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Lessons in English

Excelsior English Studies in English Grammar

Hart’s Elementary Grammar

An Elementary Grammar of the English Language

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