Lapbooking in a Spiral Bound Notebook

We are working on Bible History this year. I honestly don’t how long this will take us. I can see it taking 4 years. I don’t map things out well. I just decided it was important to do, so we started. Dad is reading during the evening Bible Study and I am reviewing the information during the day before the kids work in their notebook. We are using Aunt Charlotte’s Stories of Bible History  For the Little Ones primarily. We supplement from time to time when an event we would like to cover is missing.  Often we have used Answers in Genesis. Information for the Ice Age and Dinosaurs after the flood was easy to find in kid-friendly language. They have a great little search engine in the top, right-hand corner of the page. If you type in your topic along with the word “kids”, it  will bring up all of the articles from the kid’s site first.
My oldest two are also reading from The Story of the Bible From Genesis to Revelation told in Simple Language For the Young for their personal devotion. My youngest is reading these slideshows from the Garden of Praise.
100_1243 100_1244 100_1245 100_1246 100_1247 100_1248 100_1249 100_1250For the components of the notebook, I am using a combination of lapbook pages and notebooking pages from a couple of different sites. Each of my children are expected to write according to their skills. My oldest always has the most to say. She is hoping to give it to someone who needs to hear the Gospel. She is writing with a purpose. My middle child hasn’t liked to write in the past , but again he likes the topic and the project has also given him purpose he doesn’t find with other assignments. We discuss what questions to answer and he writes in his best hand, in his own words. My youngest is 5 and she answers some simple questions. I write the answer down on a sticky note and she copies them in her notebook.
Daily work in the notebooks include, copywork, lapbooks, notebook pages, and mini-books from the following sites.

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool  has designed history units from Creation to Today. They are organized by time periods and include colorful lapbook pieces.

Notebooking Nook has ancient history notebooking pages and activities that coincide with The Mystery of History and some other packaged curriculum. I’m using some of the timeline for my guide and using some of the notebook pages.

Bible Story Printables has Bible timeline cards including blank cards to create your own. The site also has some colorful notebook pages, Bible crafts, storyboard printables, mini-books, copywork and more. So many resources there!

Sprouting Tadpoles is another site I use to help me guide me with a timeline. I also use some of the pictures from the timeline cards to help illustrate the lapbook covers.

We are doing all of this for free with exception of the spiral notebooks. The kids really love what they are creating.

Here are some other FREE Bible History Ebooks you might like to use for the daily readings. You’ll find some for younger children and some for more in depth world history study.

Young People’s Illustrated Bible History

Young Folk’s Bible History

Bible History

Parley’s Common School History Revised

Bible History for the Use of Children and Young Persons

The Children’s Bible Picture Book

Bible Stories for Little Children

Complete Bible History from the Creation of the World Down to the Death of the Apostles

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3 thoughts on “Lapbooking in a Spiral Bound Notebook”

  1. This might be exactly what I was looking for! I have not settled on a Bible curriculum yet (though we started hsing yesterday). I have found that when I have no clear direction, to wait on the Lord and pray for direction He will show me often not what I expected. I love that this is a years long study and the notebooking. I will be looking into this!

  2. Well, needless to say that I’m extremely proud of the accomplishments of my granddaughter. I love the fact that while homeschooling my three precious great-grandchildren, she has found the time to share with others. Teaching is ‘in her blood,’ as the family genealogy tells me we come from a long line of educators and we’re all Bibliophiles who can’t seem to let a book leave once we have it. But what great joy is often found in the second time around.

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