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Free 19th Century Readers by James Baldwin

James Baldwin was published during the turn of the century was a teacher, writer, and was a man of Christian faith. He wrote  over 50 books including readers, adapted stories for young children, history text, literary analysis, classic literature, and apologetics. Read more About James Baldwin.

The first set is the only complete set, which means the other books were not found or have a price tag. I will continue to search for them and add to the list. I have noted special characteristics of each set or book.

book-goggles-348090_640I have listed them in sets, in order of edition. This is somewhat misleading because many of the books were for 12-16 months use, so a book would be used for longer than our modern grade levels, in some cases.  Most times the level’s name was simply indicative of coming after the one preceding it.  Because of this I tried to find readers of the same publisher and author. Some series are not as complete as others, usually meaning that the missing book had a price tag on it. I will update as I find missing books from a series.

Find out where your child should begin reading by having them read, either silently or aloud, and asking some basic comprehension questions or asking your child to retell a story after reading a  short piece. Use the reader that is appropriate, moving forward in the series.

Some  readers will have phonics lessons for the little ones and oration lessons for older students. Others have spelling lists, language instruction, and exercises, or questions to check comprehension. I will make a note at the introduction to each set to indicate any special features.


The Baldwin Primer I just love this little book with color picture, beautiful cursive, music, and hands on activities. It’s a perfect beginning reader!

Baldwin School Reading by Grade: First Year

Baldwin School Reading by Grade: Second Year

Baldwin School Reading by Grades: Third Year

Baldwin School Reading by Grades: Fourth Year

Baldwin School Reading by Grade: Fifth Year

Baldwin School Reading by Grade: Sixth Year

Baldwin School Reading by Grades: Seventh Year

Baldwin School Reading by Grade Eighth Year


These have so much to offer. They include a variety of genres, along with exercises requiring response to the literature(expression), phonetic exercises(in the back of the book) and spelling exercises.

figures-54851_640The Bender Primer

Baldwin and Bender’s Fourth Reader

Baldwin and Bender’s Fifth Reader

Baldwin and Bender’s Sixth Reader

Baldwin and Bender’s Eighth Reader


These also include a variety of genres, along with exercises requiring response to the literature(expression), phonetic exercises(in the back of the book) and spelling exercises. The teacher’s manual imparts better understanding to the exercises in the readers. I do wish to find the complete set.

Reading with expression: a teacher’s manual to accompany …

Reading With Expression Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Years


More Readers

Perhaps to use in place of the missing 2nd and 3rd readers to the sets above.

Fairy Stories and Fables: a Second Reader

Another Fairy Reader: Companion to Fairy Stories and Fables

 Old Greek Stories: a Third Reader

The Golden Fleece: More Old Greek Stories: Companion to Old Greek Stories


mill-208571_640Adapted Versions For Young Children

Stories of Don Quixote: Written Anew for Young People

Robinson Crusoe: Written Anew for Children

Gulliver’s Travels Into Some Remote Countries:Written Anew for Children


Fifty Famous Stories Retold

Thirty More Famous Stories

Fifty famous people, short stories


Old Stories of the East

An American Book of Golden Deeds

A Story of the Golden Age

Stories of the King

The Story of Siegfried

 More James Baldwin


Bonus: The Industrial Primary Arithmetic

19th Century Schoolbooks

school-32981_64019th Century Schoolbooks is  fabulous for some ebook downloads. We have used A First Book in American History by Edward Eggleston. You will find it is more comprehensive than public school history text and much less agenda. It tells history like an adventure story full of wit and charm. There are some facts we quibble about at home, but so far it has served as a good beginning. We also plan on using The Young American, or, Book of Government and Law by Samuel G.Goodrich for our Civics requirement in our state. I chose this book because it really dives into the discussion of liberty and the purpose of government. It was written in a time, it seems where ideals were still close to the ideals of our founders.  

If you need to print a book for one of your children, you might go crazy when you figure out that you can only print one page at a time. This is a bummer, however there are other website to download and print these titles at. If you find a title you like and desire to print it, try searching for the title at one of the following sites: 





I find the books style and vocabulary refreshing. I prefer the content in the “readers” far more than some contemporary text. They tend to include high moral standards, problem solving, and charm. I have found that some authors write a series including different age groups for the same topic. You can simply go to the preface of a book that you like. Most tell you the age group the book is intended for and what other books are included in the series. This is a great option. I can download the 3rd grade version for my son, the 4/5th grade version for my oldest and they can discuss the topic having understood it fully from a text that was comfortable to them.