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Thank You ….For the FREE Homeschooling

We are blessed to have so much given to us for FREE. Yes, very few resources for full curriculum exist. Yes, we find links that are broken, Yes, there are websites that seem incomplete and require supplements. Yes, putting these resources together for our children every day is a lot of work.

That just proves the saying that nothing is for FREE. Either you are going to spend money for a boxed curriculum or you are going to spend your time carefully searching for the perfect free materials for your child’s learning.

Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum For FREE
Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum For FREE

We have been homeschooling core subjects completely for free this year. We have bought curriculum for Biblical Greek only. That is clearly an elective course for elementary children, but we aim to follow our children’s passions and paying for that one course was easier and affordable since we are paying for nothing else.

We are not entitled to any of this, yet here we are reaping the benefits of  others hard work. It is all a blessing from those who care to share. Thanks to all the bloggers (there are countless numbers in our Facebook group) and to the companies that care to share there goods and services for our little learners.