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I Will Build Your Curriculum for $5 at Fiverr

I Will Build Your Curriculum for $5 at Fiverr
I Will Build Your Curriculum for $5 at Fiverr

At the birth of Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum for FREE group on Facebook, I had one of our members ask if she could pay me to build her entire curriculum. The timing wasn’t right. We were so busy and I had to decline.
I’ll still do this for FREE on the main site one subject at a time, but if anyone needs more focused attention, I have set up this easy and affordable option at Fiverr.

I will find 10 FREE year long homeschooling curriculum resources for any ONE academic subject
OR I will provide 10 FREE resources for a UNIT STUDY across the curriculum for one subtopic. (For just $5)

To summarize the cost of building a curriculum for one child…
One list of materials for one subject.grade level combo costs $5. For 2 subjects, it would be $10,
3 subjects $15, and so on…
For 5 core subjects, you cost would be $25.
BUT don’t forget about electives!

So each subject would get it’s own list of materials. It says 10 sites, but I just finished my first Gig and there were 16 resources given because I like to be thorough.

If you have another child in a grade level. well above or well below the first, then you would need to make another order, but if the children were close in age, many resources do overlap age groups and can be used for both.

If you are a member of the group or find the articles on the blog helpful, I wonder if you would please share this link amongst your homeschooling communities online for me. I greatly appreciate all of your support.